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Seriously though…



Why aren’t guns illegal in America?

Because the police kill people on a regular basis

Because guns are overwhelmingly used more for self defense than for homicide

Because guns are necessary to survival in certain parts of the country

Because being able to defend yourself is a human right

And most of all:

Because Americans have spines and won’t give them up like the weak masses of other countries.


King Cheetah.

The king cheetah is a rare mutation of the cheetah characterized by a distinct fur pattern. The cause of this alternative coat pattern was found to be a mutation in the gene for transmembrane aminopeptidase Q, the same gene responsible for the striped ‘mackerel’  versus blotchy ‘classic’ patterning seen in tabby cats. The mutation is recessive and must be inherited from both parents for this pattern to appear, which is one reason why it is so rare.

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